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I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours learning about cancer, how the body reacts to it, trying different treatments/therapies, and seeing various doctors or health specialists. I’ve had 3 brain surgeries, over 15 seizures, 3 tumor reoccurrences, at least 15 MRIs, and I’ve seen over 10 specialist doctors in various fields of traditional and natural medicine.

I’ve tried everything from chemotherapies and steroids to swabbing frankincense on my head to drinking a maple syrup/baking soda concoction recommended an Italian oncologist. I’ve put shots in my arms, suppositories up my rear-end, and moved my bed to avoid geopathic stress zones. I’m still learning tons and have not yet beat my cancer, so take everything I say with a grain of salt!

This page is my attempt at helping people achieve better health and avoid mistakes I’ve made over the years. I’m compiling documents from various sources  that might help you on your journey to health. Everyone is different, but hopefully some of this information can be helpful to you.


Anyone serious about beating their disease needs to be learn everything they can about it as well as what therapies could be effective in treating it (that your doctor may know nothing about). I have selected the books I’ve found to be most beneficial in learning more about cancer and how to treat it.

Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life: Dr. David Serban-Schraiber

Dr. David Serban-Schraiber is a well-respected psychiatrist and neuroscientist who is clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  He is 15 years out from a high-grade astrocytoma (brain). This book is a best-seller, and is a must-read for anyone interested in preventing or fighting cancer.

Along with understandable explanations of the disease and why his own medical industry has failed to “cure” it, Dr Schraiber’s book is filled with scientific studies on the role nutrition (specific herbs, foods, and supplements), toxins (what to avoid), mindset, exercise, and more play in beating this disease, either before or after one is diagnosed with it.

The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers

Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., ND, was a Federal Researcher in biophysics and cell physiology, as well as a naturopathic doctor after finishing her research. Her most recent book (above) thoroughly explains the role environmental toxins, parasites, bacteria/viruses, and radioactivity play with cancer, as well as how to avoid/rid yourself of them.

It gives specific instructions for how to use herbs, foods, and supplements to complete cleanses that all cancer patients should be doing to keep their bodies’ functioning  properly while fighting the disease. Her previous books include hundreds of case studies of patients with all kinds of cancer that she was able to cure.

Hope, Medicine, and Healing

Dr. Fransisco Cantreras, a distinguished oncologist and surgeon  runs the Oasis of Hope Hospital, in Mexico. THIS BOOK IS FREE and is not an advertising pamphlet for them to obtain patients (I’ve never been there and couldn’t afford to go). It is short, incredibly scientific, simply explained, and full of information you can’t afford not to know about fighting cancer using a combination of traditional and alternative medicine.

It explains their integrative approach for fighting cancer: (1) oxidative preconditioning, (2) cytotoxic therapy, (3) cell signal transduction therapy, (4) Redox regulatory therapy, (5) Immune stimulation, (6) Diet & Exercise, (7) Emotional Support, (8) Spiritual Support.  To get your free copy, click HERE.

Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures Today: 25 Secret therapies from around the world

Written by Dr. Allen Spreen,  M.D., this book  showcases 25 alternative cancer therapies from around the world. Each therapy has a short bio on its origin, a few case histories + statistics/studies (if available), effectiveness for use against various types of cancer, and contact information. Therapies range from Burzynski’s clinic to the Budwig Diet, Essiac tea to apricot kernels, graviola fruit to Chinese herbs. Dr. Spreen also includes an introduction with what cancer is, it’s stages, traditional treatments, their limitations, etc.

Disconnect: The truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family

I first became a believer that my cell-phone had a part to play in the development of my brain tumor after my wife was told that a cellphone caused my tumor before I ever knew I had one (read the story here). Dr. Devra Davis’ book includes a history of the cellphone industry, summaries of all the studies done on cell-phone radio wave frequencies, and explanations of the politics/economics behind why no one in America knows they are dangerous to our health. Here are some quotes from her book:

“An agent that damages DNA, weakens the blood-brain barrier, and unleashes destructive free radicals throughout the body…”

But if you examine only those studies that have analyzed people for a decade or longer you find one thing: Every single one of them shows that long-term heavy use of cell phones has increased the risks of brain tumors.”


Glioblastoma Multiforme

Ben Williams, Ph.D., is a 15 year survivor of a GBM. He updates a paper each year that includes all the statistics for conventional therapies and their effects on GBM. The paper also includes information on promising clinical-trials, and studies involving supplements and the immune system’s role in cancer fighting. It is somewhat technical in nature:


*For those who want to learn about anti-angiogenesis, plus foods you can take to promote it, watch this TED video by Dr. William Li, of the Angiogenesis Foundation:

Radiation’s effects on health

Cell-phones, Wireless Routers, Laptops: Article from Yahoo! News on cellphone radiation, primarily.

TSA Scanners: Article from Helium on how terahertz waves tear apart DNA.

Papers I’ve written (I’ve tried to keep these in Word 97-03 format for those without .docx capabilities)

Herbal Cleanses -I have picked up a few cleanses Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Hulda Clark. This document includes the recipes, instructions, and reasons for a coffee enema, a liver/gallbladder cleanse, and a parasite cleanse. These cleanses are invaluable to the cancer patient or anyone looking for better health!

My cancer research paper – This is a 14 page paper I wrote in April of 2010. It has some great information, but is slightly outdated. I’ve learned a lot since then, and continue to learn more each week. I plan on updating it soon, namely if and when I can get rid of my tumor! It is an overview of cancer and all I knew about it 6 months ago,  backed by 12 credible sources such as New England Journal of Medicine, Businessweek, The Boston Globe, etc. Rather than throw it to the flames, I still think it has benefit, but please recognize these important amendments I’ve since learned:

*Even once a tumor is cut out by surgery, there are still thousands  of microscopic cancer cells left over that will simply regroup into tumor if your immune system can’t get rid of them, which is the case for most GBM patients.

*Simply keeping your body in an alkaline state might work to slow some types of cancers, but is not enough to counteract an aggressive brain tumor.

*The direction cancer treatment seems to be heading with immunotherapy (or immune-boosting) therapies like vaccines,  gene-silencing/activation therapies, and frequency therapies seems very promising. Chemotherapy and radiation work GREAT for some cancers, but not GBMs.

However, there still does not seem to be much emphasis on cause, and will probably never happen. There is no economic incentive for discovering where cancer comes from, and definitely no money in discovering the personal cause of your cancer.  Too many agencies and companies in America have too many connections and intertwined financial interests: The FDA, FCC, and Environmental Protection Agency’s connections with the pharmaceutical, cell phone, and agricultural industries, for example.


5 Responses to “Cancer/Health Resources”

  1. Logan Harper Says:

    wow babe…great resources!

  2. Thanks so much for the references. I think the breadth and depth are both helpful.

    Blessings on your battle.

  3. Ralph and Mary Lou Bresee Says:

    Oh my – I cannot thank you enough Daniel – I will read some if not all of these books. Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you Daniel. It’s amazing the timing of this post. A friend called me today asking for alternative cancer resources, as she is facing possible surgery, but not excited about it since she doesn’t have a firm diagnosis yet.

  5. Always glad to find someone who has a positive take on this thing. I was diagnosed in 5/09. Had successful surgery to remove tumor (GBM IV) and did the standard raidation /temodar stuff. I am very blessed to have had 8 excellent MRIs which I attribute to God’s mercy and a great medical team. I finished Temodar in March of 09 and only take dilantin. Was driving 3 weeks after surgery, only missed 2 weeks of work — very, very, blessed. So, next week I will have my 9th and I am anxious as this is the longest I have gone (5 months) since initial diagnosis. What I have learned so far, is that each day really is a fantastic gift and can never be taken for granted. I wake up each morning and when my feet touch the floor and I begin walking, I thank God anew. I am looking forward to reading some of the books you recommend.

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