Antineoplastons, Me and possibly You…

I sometimes wonder about myself.

My wife says I do everything to the extreme and I agree, but I don’t know why. Instead of basketball or soccer like all the normal kids in high school, I somehow found myself snowboarding and wakeboarding my way into three broken ribs, a dislocated hip, and broken wrist. Instead of trombone or clarinet, I murdered the faculty with my electric guitar and nasal vocals of our punk band.

College was worse. I spent 3/4 of my time in Amway trying to get rich, instead of at social events trying to make friends.  By the time the last 1/4 was over, I developed cancer, had surgery, completed chemo/radiation, planned a wedding (NOT REALLY : ) , found a job, and graduated MCL with my B.S. in Marketing.

And it couldn’t be something like breast or prostate cancer. It had to be brain cancer. And not grade I or II but IV. Glioblastoma Multiforme. That’s the worst. Most people die in a year. Extreme. My wife and I wish it were not the case. But it gets better.

In 2010 the cancer returned with a vengeance. We learned that extreme trust in God was our lifeline to get past insurmountable physical, emotional and financial difficulties. 2011 brought a greater hope but was quickly interrupted by a new, inoperable growth into the corpus callosum that was found last month.

I sometimes wonder how I got to the point where I’ve exhausted all of the treatment options in the last four years. But, then again, I was given a 2-3% chance of living 3 years…so I am blessed. Craniotomy #1, 6 weeks concurrent chemo/radiation, two more rounds of chemo, two more craniotomies, 19 Avastin infusions and five more chemo rounds.

Plus I’ve researched and completed just about every well-known natural cancer regimen/therapy and spent thousands of hours and dollars completing these. If you have heard of it…I’ve tried it. It’s been extreme and I sometimes wonder why nothing has worked. As despite all of my efforts, this nasty tumor has begun to grow like wildfire.

And so I find myself at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX. The most expensive cancer clinic in the US. I am starting a phase II/phase III clinical trial for the antineoplaston gene-targeted therapy for Glioblastoma patients. All of the major university clinical trials have turned me down. And this is my best option. Although the actual medicine is free through the clinical trial, there is a continued cost of $7600 +/month for daily nurse consults, lab work, extra medication and much more. Like I said extreme. As this could take eight months or more.

They are having a 20-30% success rate with GBM patients, which is a heck of a lot better than the 2-3% success rate for standard therapy I have been on. I consider it a total miracle combined with the natural therapies/doctors that God has led me to in the past four years for why I am still here.

My main desire to live is for my beautiful wife Logan. As I cannot bear the thought of her losing me. And I want to be used by God in a special way before He comes back. I believe this is why He has opened all of the doors and already worked a number of miracles for me to come to this clinic. My wife and mother drove me from Salt Lake to Las Vegas to Houston, which was a miracle in itself that I survived due to my electrical sensitivity issues and my ketogenic diet. I only vomited on the road once, but they injected me with Valium for the last 60 miles to get to Houston that night without me having a seizure and being zonked out for my physical I had to pass to pursue the clinical trial.

God worked a miracle the next day, giving me enough energy to appear composed enough to pass the physical exam and get accepted for approval. The FDA has accepted their request and I started treatment on Tuesday. Fortunately we are blessed with incredible friends and family who helped us come up with the $21,000 it took to start the treatments.

I have a port (hole in my chest) and I carry around a bag that delivers the medicine day and night. It’s a tough regime and I am on steroids, but seem to be doing better each day, including experiencing symptoms of tumor breakdown. Obviously time is the only predictor of what will happen, and I have no idea how we will fund all of this, but it seems as if God has opened too many “heavy” doors for it not to work out.

And so I am asking for help. Help to stay alive. But not for me. For Logan. Because I’m not interested in her becoming a widow at 24.

The clinic is unlike other facilities in that they require treatment funds up front and then we work on insurance payback. Good for them, but an extreme financial difficulty for us. Fortunately we serve an extreme  God who can work out extreme difficulties. He has already worked many miracles and will work more if it’s His will for me to stay on this treatment. If you are anyone you know is willing to be a part of this life-saving effort here are some things you can do.

1. Pray. Pray. Pray!

2. Email for and address or information on how to donate to a Harper Cancer Fund that has been set up through Bank of America. This can be done through an in-bank transfer, wire or by visiting your local Bank of America branch with the account and routing number, which she will provide. We tried to make this tax deductible but it is not possible.

3. Visit and purchase “Pray for Daniel” bands through Paypal (credit cards etc). Or send as “payment owed” through Paypal to

4. Repost this blog on Facebook and/or email it to as many contacts as possible. The website is

” O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” – Psalms 30:2

I feel like a chum asking for money. If I die, sucks for me but more for others. Therefore I view this as a fundraiser for God, my wife, friends and family. Life is incredibly difficult right now, but I believe it is my responsibility to stay alive and I am  in God’s hands. Thanks for listening. God Bless.


20 Responses to “Antineoplastons, Me and possibly You…”

  1. Listen brother… don’t question why you do things the way you do. If it wasn’t for people like you nobody would have set out in a ship on the wild waters to prove a flat world was round. Praying for you. Peace! Matt

  2. Daniel, I’m a stranger that has been following your story for about a year now. Praying hard for you and yours.

    -Randy Van Dolson

  3. Hey Daniel,
    Know that we continue to lift you and Logan and your whole family up in prayer on a daily basis…sometimes more. You have already made a huge impact for God, and I believe He is not done. Praying with you for funds and will be sending some ourselves.
    Love and prayers.
    Pastor Don

  4. Becky and Jamie Little Says:

    Daniel, your brother Jeff was our student pastor at Battlefield Community and we were previous members of the Dalton church. The prayers of our church are behind you! I can’t wait to get my “Pray for Daniel” band! 🙂 I love that you set this site up for us to be able to help…in any way we can! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Tina Schlisner Says:

    Daniel, all of our prayers are with you and your family! We actually just ordered our prayer bands for our whole family, there are 6 of us, you will have to ask you dad about us Schlisner’s we are a pretty crazy crew!! But we have our own experiences with the battle you are facing right now. So, with that said, fight the good fight, may God lead your battle, and either way you will win!!
    All our prayers,
    Chad, Tina, Ashtin, Jaylyn, Devin & Corbin Schlisner

  6. Daniel,

    We are all praying for you and have ordered our bracelets. Logan might remember me from GCA. I am Christine’s Dad! God Bless you and Daniel.

    Gary and Laurel

  7. That is so awesome to hear that you are in the clinical trial! We are praying for you!

  8. Mandy Shallenberger Says:

    Just wanted you to know what an amazing inspiration you have been to me. Please know that your fight is not in vain, and you are touching the lives of others. I don’t believe we’ve ever met, but I remember seeing you around Southern while I was a student there. I pray that God gives you His unmeasurable grace to get you through these times, and that His arms surround you and Logan so that you feel Him with you always. Thank you for sharing your story and your journey with everyone. You are a miracle even now, although it’s probably difficult to feel like one, and it’s absolutely incredible to see God shining through you.

  9. i have faith man hang in there, you will shred pow again one day!

  10. Patti Hoover Says:

    Daniel and Logan, you are both in our prayers daily. Life with God is because of grace and a miracle. As I read your blog I was reminded that is the case for all of us. Lifting you up. Patti Hoover

  11. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  12. […] not by writing about them. He tells it so much better. So take a moment and read all about Daniel and his fight with cancer. He’s part of the 2-3% that have survived his type of train cancer […]

  13. Naomi Parsons Says:

    Daniel, we are praying that God will send His Mighty Miracles your way for your healing soon! We love you and pray that God will give you and Logan a long and wonderful life together. Naomi Parsons

  14. tammy mcmearty Says:

    We are praying for you, your wife and your family! We knew you when you were little and lived in Berrien Springs in that cool house in the country with the big glass windows. Anyway we would spend Sabbath afternoons with you guys and the Collatz’s and go hiking etc… your dad was a seminary student at Stevensville church where my husband was pastoring! I praise the Lord for your testimony, love for Him, and extreme Faith! God is with you! Love and prayers,
    Tammy, Matt, Tiffany, Michael and Cherie McMearty

  15. Nichole Parsons Johnson Says:

    Daniel I don’t know if you remember me or not its been a long time since I have seen you, I”m Chris Parsons sister. Your story has touched me in so many ways and I hope that we can help you. I will be praying for you and I know that God has something in store for you.

  16. You are in my prayers. I only remember meeting you once—on a boat in Tennessee with Michael Knutson—but I was incredibly impressed by your wake-boarding skills and kind demeanor that day. When I heard you had brain cancer, I was shocked. Thank you for posting this. I am so, so sorry for what you are going through. I cannot imagine. I greatly admire your strength and determination. I will repost this. I will see what I can do. Most of all, I will pray, pray, pray for you. God bless you and Logan. Much love to you.

  17. Carol Boehm Says:

    Amazing to think this story has come all the way to the Solomon Islands. Daniel we are praying that the mighty Physician will move His healing hand over you once more. He created your brain once, He can recreate it again! God bless you and your lovely wife – we will find a way to help financially as well.

  18. Gail Hedges Says:

    Hi Daniel, just learned about your situation through Shayna Bowman’s facebook. I am adding you to my prayer list and will send funds also. I pray for your healing not only for your wife, but for your mother in that I’m very attached to my son and imagine she is too. You obviously have great faith in God which I believe is an inspiration to your family also. What ever His plan for you; It’s a perfect one, so just continue to trust Him. Love and Prayers…. from Keith Bowman’s mom.

  19. Vivian Raitz Says:

    Wow, Daniel! What a letter! It actually strengthened my faith.

    Blessings on you, and of course, you know that a host of us is continuing to pray for you.

    We love you!

    vivian raitz

  20. Travis Moore Says:

    You’re an incredible guy.
    Praying for you, Dan.

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