The privilege of meaty prayer…

I have become meat. I don’t just eat meat. I AM meat. Chicken Liver. Lamb Chops. Ahi Tuna. Halibut. Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon. Top Sirloin. Grilled Steak. Medium. Dark. Baked Chicken. Turkey slices.  Hamburgers. Chicken Thigh.

Mayonnaise, coconut oil, flax oil/cottage cheese, and a couple limited vegetables are also allowed on my ever so strict ketogenic diet. The pastor’s wife told me about it: eating meat, that is. To prevent seizures. However, turns out there are quite a few studies that getting into ketosis can also starve brain cancer: Boston College, M.D.s, Time/CNN, Reuters.

The diet is not exactly pleasant, even for those with carnivorous cravings. Zero spices or herbs makes it no easier. The spice  that has made things easier in my life the past few weeks is my ever loyal brother. Wiping vomit off my pants on the side of the road (VEGANS-don’t start on the keto-diet too fast!), pretending to be me when doctors call, frying new meats, and trying to get me in new clinical trials, is all in Jeff’s cup ‘o tea.

Visiting nieces also spice things up. But the geese wouldn’t eat their gluten-free bread. I don’t blame them.

And so I am blessed, even if all I eat is restricted carbs, calories, and animals. I’m going to be blunt.  I pray for my GBM friends every day. But I don’t have too many of them. Because glioblastoma multiforme tumors to many other cancers is like black widows are to most spiders.

I’ve heard it said that the reason so many prayers go unanswered is too many people let go of God’s hand too soon. This means (as Jeff says) not treating God like a vending machine or a Burger King. But fervently seeking the Sovereign King without trying to jump in of His presence and out as fast as you can.

I strongly believe one of the biggest reasons I am four years out from a tumor that leaves most in a coffin one year after diagnosis is the massive amount of people I’ve been privileged enough to have pray for me. And my latest privilege has been the youth class I hang out with at my church creating

One of my favorite qoutes is also by one of my favorite authors:

“Right now we are on the wrong side of the door. But all the leaves of the New Testament are rustling with the rumor that it will not always be so. One day, we will get in! The term will be over and the holidays will have begun!” ~C.S. Lewis

Thanks again Madison for!


6 Responses to “The privilege of meaty prayer…”

  1. Said a prayer for you, Dan. I hope you can fall in love with that meat as so many seemingly

  2. allison harper Says:

    Hey….Glad to hear your seizure activity is less. And I am eager to be out there soon. Will have to learn a few lessons on cooking meat, but I am “game.”:) Love you ever so much….Mom

  3. allison harper Says:

    Hey….Glad to hear your seizure activity is improving. And I am eager to be out there soon. Will have to learn a few lessons on cooking meat, but I am “game.”:) Love you ever so much….Mom

  4. Jamie Miller Says:

    Daniel & Logan-
    I am so glad to hear you are trying a diet that could be of help in starting that evil tumor. It is good news!!! God is good!! I will share this with my class of fifth & sixth graders that is praying daily for you. We continue to present both of you to the King of the Universe!! Prayers, Jamie

  5. Gary A. Moore Says:

    Hey Daniel,

    Just got aware of your blog. You have a way with words. I am reading with interest because in all honesty – I don’t know much about GBM. I don’t see many patients with it. It sounds like you have gone thru a lot and I empathize with you.

    Just know that you are helping others in doing your blog and I will add you to my prayer list.

    I have not forgotten your kindness when we visited you in Hawaii and am glad your health was better then. We enjoyed our time with you both then. I will be praying for you and following your progress. I have been on a ketosis diet and it gets a bit old. I always tell Travis the brain runs on sugar and you are rigth that kentosis migh starve it a bit!! Gary

  6. Daniel,

    I read your blog with interest. I tried to post a reply but think it failed (maybe it was too long) I will add you to my prayer list.

    Gary Moore MD

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