Georgene’s 44 cent Facebook Messages…

Dear, Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Logan, I hope the Daniel feels Better because I feel bad for him. if Daniel feels better I will feel so much happy! We hope you feel better. Amen. ~Da-Cia Cooper

For Logan

I know how it feels to have someone in danger Well the only thing to do is to pray Well bye take care ~Kevin

I am amused by the heart-warming wisdom of these 3rd and 4th graders, but even more amazed by the heart of gold held by their teacher, Veronyka Perez.

We’ve never met Veronyka, but she’s met us. Through the updates section in our college alumni magazine, Columns, that is. Something about our situation (and I don’t know what) sprung off the page and struck a chord on her golden heart.

Gathering her 3-4 graders around her in what was possibly the greatest ‘I don’t know you-but I’d like to help you‘ act since The Good Samaritan, they frenzied like mad scientists to splash crayon, marker, bible verses, and personal messages onto 12 pages of creativity, hope, and love.Daniel-Logan Harper. I hope you know God is a God of second chances. I know God will give a second chance to you. : ) God Bless ~Izabel    P.S. God thinks your special! : )

I actually did know God is a God of second chances, but I did not know that Michael Andrew Valdez Perez could draw such a stunning portate of myself on my knees asking for one (how could he have known my hair looks like that??)

My friend Georgene also has a heart of gold. Only I’ve met her. We’ve even been to her house. Georgene prays for us, just like Miss Perez’s class. She sends notes, too. More 44 cent masterpieces of penmanship than even my own family could ever produce. Amazes me, really.

A friend from the start, Georgene has more class than a medical student trying to finish in two years.  Reminds me exactly of my grandmother. Elegant, soft-spoken ladies who bake pies, send cards, and make people feel loved.  Something tells me future generations will produce no such effect.

And while Georgene doesn’t have the wisdom of a Da-Cia, Kevin, Izabel, or Michael, she does know how to connect. To let you know you are on her mind. She does it for your sake, not hers. I never asked Georgene to send me cards, she simply does it because she cares.

I also never actually asked her if I could put her picture on the world wide web, slo I’ve taken the liberty of almost completely blocking out their eyes to keep their identity protected. However, if you look hard enough you might be able to see them (criminals/identity thieves have poor eyesight, for the record).

I don’t think she has facebook, and I’m kinda glad, because a farmtown invite from Georgene would not be the same as a  “Thinking of you” set against Thomas Kinkade, Save the Species, or Hallmark stock. It wouldn’t compare to a “We’re praying for you” alongside a homemade hymn stanza cutout tucked gently inside a Utah photographer’s best-selling snapshot.

This last weekend was Easter, and for those of you who don’t know, Easter represents something much sweeter than the chocolate bunnies 3rd and 4th graders smear all over their faces (as the video at church so aptly showed us). I was lucky enough to connect to the meaning of this weekend in some very special ways.

#1 Agnus Dei was sung as a closing song at our church with some very talented vocalists leading out. There’s something awe-inspiring about adding your voice to the rich harmonies of that song. The song that crescendos upwards to an everlasting and almighty God who decided that we were worthy enough to induce the sacrifice of His lamb.

#2 I watched Passion of the Christ (the full movie is on youtube!) until I accidentally killed our internet for a day. Note: don’t go to, and turn off  Netgear’s wireless radio feature unless you know exactly what you are doing and are prepared to be schooled by a well-trained female technician in the Philippines.

I became a huge fan of  bible movies last year after watching The Nativity Story. It really brings the stories to life in ways that just reading alone cannot. The Passion is a bit gruesome, but defitinely etched into my mind what a tremendous sacrifice was made on my behalf.

#3 I read chapter 5 in a book called Ministry of Healing. It retells and brings to life the stories of Christ healing a leper, man with palsy, man who’d been withered on a mat for 38 years, an adultress, and a demoniac. What forgiveness and restoration!

I suppose we all have our different ways of connecting. With God. With His Son. With each other. I once heard it said that we should consider connecting with God, for God’s sake. And while I can’t really wrap my mind around why Christ and the Father are looking for friends, I can understand the love shown me by Veronyka, her class, and Georgene.~


3 Responses to “Georgene’s 44 cent Facebook Messages…”

  1. logan Harper Says:

    Great blog…really enjoyed the writing and thoughts!

  2. Christina C Says:

    Happy Easter to you guys! Remember the hope and redemption that Christ died for. Great post, Daniel. Love you both.

  3. allison harper Says:

    This was so excellent, Daniel. You make me so proud! Your writing gift, your courageous living of a difficult life, and your choice to keep faithfilled. I love you so much!

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