Heart Skippers…

The last week and a half has held more “heart -skippers” for me than any other 1.5 week segment I can remember. From talking about God on live television in the most secular city of Utah, to almost being killed by a snowplow on an interstate in the middle of the night, to being flagged and searched by U.S. Customs in Canada, its been a wild few weeks to say the least.

My new good friend Rachelle Call asked me to join her on a spot Park City TV had provided to promote an event her record label was doing at our church, the Wasatch Hills SDA Church. Our TV spot followed a large, barbie-looking transvestite promoting his play at some theater in Salt Lake. I was literally shaking in my seat as I mentioned how cancer had taught me life is short, and that its about giving your life to God, not about looking good and making money, which is what most all of us here in Park City are so caught up with. Fortunately Rachelle did most of the talking, but I got my 40 seconds in!The event, A Night of Recovery, was an inspirational evening of music, personal stories, and God’s living word. I was invited to briefly share my testimony on how God has used cancer to impact my life. However, I’m so accustomed to having a computer keyboard or guitar between myself and my audience that having nothing but my hands, mental preparation, and the cancer card, caused my heart to skip a  few beats all evening until I got up to speak. Funny how that works, even when its just a 5 minute testimonial.  I thought my plane left the next morning for Canada at 8:00 a.m., so we left the event as soon as we could. We live in Park City, Utah: it is usually a 20 minute mountainous interstate drive from the Salt Lake church to our condo on the outside of town. The interstate sign that evening flashed chains required for semi’s through the pouring snow. Scarred from our ‘teach-yourself’ hour-long chain-installation that proved somewhat unnecessary three days prior, we decided we clearly were not a semi-truck and barged ahead with confidence.

Halfway up the canyon, our confidence was about as thin as our traction, and so we stopped. In the middle of the slow lane. Not even the shoulder. Jumping out and frantically attempting to attach chains is an impossible process even without pure darkness, sliding cars, pouring snow, and snowplows honking at you as if you can get out of their way. All the while I was trying to avoid a seizure, so after the plows almost ran us over and soaked us with wet snow, we hopped back in and somehow made it home. Arriving  at midnight to realize your international flight actually leaves at 7:10 a.m. doesn’t help settle the pulse, either.“The angel of the Lord encamps around [the car] of those that fear Him, and He delivers them.” ~Psalms 34:7

Two days later, I found myself staring out the window of my Canadian accommodations, marveling at God’s created beauty, and praying for a miracle in the testing that would soon begin with my doctor. I texted my wife this message: I know the Magnificent God of the entire universe can do whatever He wants, we just don’t give Him credit for it. Pray with me that God works a miracle and that my cancer is gone! I’m believing all the inflammation i feel is from drainage and dead tissue up there…hoping and praying…if my faith is half of a mustard seed i can still move half a mountain which is still a lot, right?To be totally truthful, my faith is/was probably a quarter of a mustard seed, but a quarter of even a fake mountain (think Stone Mt. GA) is still pretty hefty! That is probably why my heart not only skipped a few beats, but my feet also started shaking when all my cancer tests started showing up negative!!!

I honestly wasn’t expecting this until my next visit at least, and neither was my doctor, so we rechecked it 4 or 5 times and used various tests. Complete accuracy with this sort of thing can only be had with time, extensive testing (including an MRI), and a close monitor of my symptoms. No seizures in over a month, yet occasional icy cold hands and strange sensations in my head seem to be enough to put a hole in my pocket big enough for my quarter-sized faith to fall-through.

However, a brief phone call two days later to a best friend in the states regarding my MRI travel day completely calmed me down, as I was letting worry and anxiety take hold of me like they used to, despite what God had just done. I told him I had been feeling weird and was considering changing my flight on SW to better accommodate this MRI so it wouldn’t be so rushed.He didn’t know my cancer test had been negative, but could tell I was freaking out a bit and randomly mentioned he’d had a dream a few nights prior in which Marilyn (mutual friend) had come over and told him that all the inflammation I was feeling was from dead tissue! I had completely forgotten about the text message and only reread it today! I know you can’t make life-changing decisions based on people’s dreams, but I do know it was exactly what I needed to hear to stop my heart-skipping anxiety. I truly believe my cancer is dead, and is currently being broken down and excreted by my body.I barely made it out of Canada with all my supplements. When the U.S. Customs Official flagged me and directed me back to their screening/interrogation area, I almost had a heart attack. My left foot was literally bouncing on the floor I was so nervous. It is a serious crime, intentional or not, to put anything false on those customs declaration cards. I always fill them out in a rush so I don’t miss my plane, and I don’t even know the laws for what I’m allowed to bring back in to the States.

Are the ingredients in the supplements and homeopathics I’m carrying allowed in the states? Does it matter what country they are manufactured in? How many days do I have to consume this stuff by? How much was I allowed to spend? Will they require a therapist’s sign-off on these products?Fortunately, when I forget to pray in the most dire time of need, God doesn’t forget about my shaking feet, quarter-sized faith, or skipping heartbeat.  Which is why my bag and I somehow made the final boarding call and I left for Chicago. Once there, a couple of providential meetings brought me twice in front of an airport employee who seemed to need the GLOW track and promise of prayer I gave her, despite the way my heart told me she’d blow me off. And the way the software executive sitting next to me back to UT brought up his grandfather’s stamp with a bible verse from the book of Daniel allowed us to open up the living word, was like a grand finale heart skipper to my week and half of craziness.

“When we accept the Bible as an authoritative message from God, we are provided with a source of stabilization that brings meaning to our lives. We see that God is active not only in the governing of the universe but also in our daily lives. “ ~Ted Wilson, president of the worldwide SDA Church


7 Responses to “Heart Skippers…”

  1. Valerie Way Says:

    God is good!! Great news to hear. Praying that the follow-up shows the same.

  2. Christina C Says:

    Wow -what a crazy few weeks it’s been for you! Those adventures never cease, but neither does God’s faithfulness =) Praying for more great cancer news soon!

  3. Rebecca Lutter Says:

    I am Rachelle’s sister and found this through a post on her facebook page. I’ve read a couple of your other posts in the past and just think you are amazing! So powerful!!!!! It’s funny that I just read about another man with cancer in the past and thought you might like to check it out:) It’s here:) http://blog.cjanerun.com/2011/02/sunday-guest-post-series-j-scott.html

  4. Joanne Harper Says:

    Sooo HAPPY for You…& Logan. Love & prayers 🙂

    The Harper’s

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Praise God for this wonderful report! You don’t know me, but your blog was referred to us by a young man you used to work with, I believe, Bryce Martin. Anyway, we’ve been following it, and you are truly an inspiration. We have also been praying for your total healing ever sense we learned about you.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Continuing to pray for you & hoping that you are doing okay.

  7. Saw this video today about a girl with cancer and the diet, healthy lifestyle she is choosing…..just thought about you. I’m sure you get a TON of advice of all different kinds from all kinds of people. Not really a “this is what you should do” kinda message but just “hey saw this, found it interesting and thought you might like to see it” kinda message!! {ps, does contain some bad words!} hope life is good for you! keeping you, your wife, and family in my prayers! kera hughes

    oh and she also has a book, i think i might see if it’s at our library, looks worth giving it a shot!

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