Spam, meth, and your front porch…

This stop sign’s colorful message greeted me as I pulled out of the skatepark in Mountain City, TN. Some genius who can’t even compose proper sentences felt the urge to grafiti this sign. Makes me proud of Logan’s home town. It is very surprising that this town even has a skatepark, as it is nestled deep in the backwoods of TN, hence the name, Mountain City. This town is home to some of Tennessee’s nicest and most interesting people. It is also home to some of Tennessee’s biggest hillbillies. Take for example, the people that live down the street from Logan’s childhood home – a “family” that lives amongst three or four trailer homes/barns. If you look close enough, you can see the meth lab that they got busted for a few years back…As you drive past, you have to be careful not to get caught staring at the random assortment of junked cars, tractors, lawn mowers, trash, wood, refrigerators, clothes, dogs, tools, babies, chickens, tires, and old TVs. If caught staring, your car might get shot with a BB gun by one of the local boys that don’t take kindly to strangers. Or, if your house is ever burning down, you might have to do without the fire department, as this family runs the local volunteer fire squad.  Unfortunately, I never got a good shot of the compound, as several men were standing on the porch of one of the trailers, staring me down in my suspicious-looking Hyundai rental. One time we drove past at night and there was a baby in the ditch. No joke! And to think that this family were the next-door neighbors to where my wife grew up!

My favorite memory from my last Mountain City, TN trip happened at Dollar General, however.I visited this wonderful store to pick up a wedding card for my friends Chris and April. I scanned both checkout lines and opted for the right side, seeing just one customer checking out. This ended up being the wrong choice for getting myself out of the store the fastest as my customer decided to write a check. For a $1.27. To buy a can of spam. That’s it. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never written a check for $1.27 or for a can of spam. I guess that’s Mountain City for you.

And the people who live there have fantastic style. Take this golf course home for example. The car and home definitely match each other in a way only Mountain City people can understand.Not only do the people of Mountain City have great style, they also have great ideas. Since sitting on your porch is the most popular pastime, why not get something accomplished while you are out there?Yep, that’s Mountain City for ya. Friendly people, lots of trees and hills, plenty of junk cars, deep southern drawls, and smiling faces on everyone. That’s what is important. These people are happy. They live simple, stress-free lives (for the most part). Hunting, fishing, cruising through flick video’s parking lot, these are the joys found in everyday life.

And while this life might seem intensely different than the urban sprawl and fast-pace most of live in, there is something to be said about life in Mountain City, TN. The good news is that God has got it all figured out. The folks in Mountain City are living happily there for a reason, even if it seems foreign to us. They live better than most of us anyways…

“From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.” Acts 17:26

It also says in Romans 2:11  “For God does not show favoritism.”

So next time you drive past a rural home and see the home owner on the porch taking care of business, don’t judge them, just remember God created them equal to you. But don’t take my word for it. Look it up.


2 Responses to “Spam, meth, and your front porch…”

  1. allison harper Says:

    i loved this blog! Thanks for the reminder that we were all created equal, and
    that Jesus loves each one as though they were the only being on the planet!

  2. wow man, you make some great points. I read this a while ago and never committed myself to leaving a comment. Just want to let you know I’M reading anyway. 🙂 was that really Logan’s house? what a great place! –AND interesting people… haha

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