I found Heaven behind a hill…

So yesterday I jogged up the windy road right behind our condo complex. I’ve lived in the same place in Park City for over a year and a half now and never knew what was at the top of the hill. I live in the small black buildings at the bottom left (underneath the word kimball).

I got a quite a few strange looks from the folks driving their luxury automobiles past me. When I got to the top and past the guard house, I immediately realized I was in Heaven. It was early evening, the sun was glimmering, and I knew I had arrived!

It is impossible for me to put into words how majestic this private community is. And it wasn’t majestic because of the gold Ferrari or silver Lamborghini that passed me. It was majestic because of the snow-covered mountains behind me and the sprawling golf course in front of me. It was glorious. I drooled as I jogged past homes of insane proportions and glory. The only person I know that has been allowed in this community before is my friend Jake, because he was part of a landscape crew working on Michael Jordan’s home on Purple Sage Dr. This place is seriously insane. Your average doctor making 3-5 hundred thousand can’t afford to live here.Glenwild is for the elite, for the business owners, the big guys. For the people who need a second home larger than many small hotels. For the extremely talented and successful people. And you know what? As I jogged I desperately wanted to be one of them. Call me selfish, greedy, worldly, whatever you want to call it.But I’m going to take a gamble. Yep. I’m going to guess that any one of you would have felt the same things I was feeling. A longing. A desire for more. A strong inclination to become apart of the Glenwild community. To look out your window each summer morning and see sprawling fairways amidst small lakes and the towering Wasatch Mountains.And as I jogged, something hit me. It worked its way past the “you shouldn’t be feeling this way” thoughts of shame and struck me with a thought I had never thought before. “What if we all would desire this, because that is what we are meant for?” You see, many of us are told by well-meaning christians, pastor, parents, who-ever, that it is wrong to want more and desire for riches. While this is true, I look at the example of Jesus Christ. Sure, when he was here on earth, he lived lower than the maintenance men at Glenwild. But He didn’t come here to stay. He lives in a place like Glenwild. In luxury. In a gorgeous place. Heaven. If the private community over the hill behind me is the closest thing to Heaven I’ve seen before, than I can’t imagine what it’s like where God lives.

So what’s my point in all this? I’m not even sure. Just that I experienced Heaven on earth yesterday, I found a new jogging route, and that it’s maybe not so bad to wish for luxury, after all. As long as you understand priorities. Just like Jesus did. Earth wasn’t the real catch, and he didn’t chase it’s glories. Why not? If God designed us to want more out of life, shouldn’t Jesus have done his best to get into some Glenwild real estate? No. Jesus skipped out on Glenwild because he knew he had Glenwild version 2.0 waiting for him. And it seems to me like he’s left it waiting for us. (For those of you questioning this blog’s existence, or wondering what it’s about, I’m not the person to ask. All I know is that is seems to be a site where Daniel’s random thoughts spill out with pictures and words. Please feel free to browse through some of the older posts, and then tell me what a nut I am)


2 Responses to “I found Heaven behind a hill…”

  1. I haven followed Daniel’s blog from the begining so I’m now enjoying reading back over old posts…..I love loe the honesty of this one!! Don’t we all at one time or another wish for more…..what someone else has that we do not yet we are ashamed to admit that! I pray HARD that while I long for more than what I have on this earth I LONG to be with Jesus more than anything!! I continue to pray for you Logan & hoping one day we can correspond, even via email about Daniel’s seizure stuff as this is what I face daily…I have epilepsy. Many hugs to you! Kera Hughes [Melissa’s friend!}

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