For all the jobless losers…

Do you ever feel like this poor kid right here? Trying to find a job ever feel like you are running a race with no end?Or maybe you feel like this? I’ve recently joined the group of losers who can’t seem to find a job despite plenty of experience and a college degree. I listened to my wife despair in agony over the hopeless job market out there all last year. I listened to her frustrations as best I could, but had a hard time relating to her as I had a decent-paying job that took us to Maui and Branson, Missouri. Hustling people off the streets for timeshare tours isn’t exactly glamorous, but at least I was making decent money and wasn’t stuck in an office somewhere.Now that we are ready to settle down a bit and not travel for work as much I’ve joined the club. I watch this club of losers increase daily on facebook as people post comments such as

Dear Chris, We have completed processing your resume/application. We certainly acknowledge your qualifications and achievements, but are unable to offer the Registration Representative-Rehab-FT position to you at the present time. Thank you for contacting us, and we wish you much success in the achievement of your goals.”


“Long, very discouraging day. Printed resumes until I ran out of ink. Then distributed them to anywhere that would let me in an hour radius. Thursday I will print 40 or 50 more and distribute those. Will head up to Chattanooga for those. Soooo discouraged.”

Okay, so maybe its not that bad, but I’ll just say I went to an interview for selling alarm systems door-to-door, and I’m seriously considering doing it, ha!Sometimes the old dollar bill has the tenancy to suck us into worrying about how its all going to work out and where we will find it at. Yet, no matter how much we worry, it seems like things usually end up working out. Whether its not being able to find a job, moving around the country for work, or health problems getting in the way of work, things usually seem to work out.

How many of you reading this are actually homeless and going hungry each day?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Homeless people don’t have internet. And they don’t go to the library to read blogs. Especially blogs about how educated people can’t find work. Speaking of things working out, let me just say this:

God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him.” Romans 8:28

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Mathew 6:27

I’ve learned that even though we freak out about the smallest things, even the biggest things usually can’t keep us down if we simply put our trust in God. And remember, everybody at least has some potential!


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