Just for the ladies…

Great News Ladies!

Have you ever spent the day worrying about how you would break-up with your hair dresser? Should I write a dear John letter or just start seeing someone else?

How about JS, ever worry about her? Oh, don’t you know? Front cover of Marie Claire? Yeah, Jessica Simpson, duh! What was she thinking? She did a whole photo shoot without make-up! Exposing herself to the world! Did you hear Julia Roberts is doing Lancome Paris now? Man, she must be hurting for cash. Lancome?  What about Stila, Chanel, Cle de Peau Beaute, Bobbi Brown, Natura Bisse, Shu Uemura, or La Mer. Jenny from the block only uses La Mer.

You don’t have a purse that matches your shoes. What to do? Tacos in your hair? Anxiety attacks? Should I wash my hair every day or every other day? Does chocolate really help PMS? Do these pants make my butt look too big? Is that chandelier really French? Did he even notice my manicure? Just out of curiosity, what is your return policy? These don’t really fit, but they might in a few days.

So yeah, this post is for all the girls out there. My wife said Precision Points was kinda boring and that she’d rather read a girl’s blog. So here is my response. Let me get started. I paid $30 last time I got my haircut from Shannon at Trade Secret. Way too much, right? So I broke up with her. And I wasn’t a man about it like I should have been, I never even told her. I just started seeing someone else – myself (and my own clippers, which = free). Now, was that honest? Maybe…But is it what Oprah would recommend? Probably not. Watch her show to find out. She did a full episode on this subject, and even brought in professionals to give their advice on how to break up with your hairstylist in best way possible. And yeah, mullets are the new thing…Just check out “Men’s Health”.

Now, on to the next question. Something about your purse, right? All I know about purses is how I feel before I try to get anything out of one. Let me explain:Okay, so I didn’t answer your question. But maybe my post on purses will. See ladies? I really do write this blog with you in mind! Spot on, whats next? JS. She looks fine without makeup. See?How am I doing so far, Logan? Great post, huh? Okay, okay, so maybe girl stuff isn’t my thing, and maybe I can’t make fun of the ladies too much. After all, there is plenty of stuff that I’m into, that most ladies could care less about.Take this, for example. I got a sennheiser wireless transmitter and reciever for free today! The 700 megahertz channel is now illegal to use in the United States so our church threw it away. For all members of the FCC reading this, please disregard the above statement. I assure you I won’t be using this device.

Here’s another example. Recently it snowed in Salt Lake. In May. I took pictures of some rails at a famous snowboarding spot in town called the rail garden. I didn’t even have my snowboard.

So, it’s probably fair to say that we all get excited over stupid stuff. That’s okay. We’re all different. I’ve learned you can’t judge someone else on their likes and dislikes. Marriage has taught me this in an amazing way. I have a tendency to tell my wife what she needs to be doing or what is wrong about her habits. However, God says,

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Mathew 7:1-5


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  1. logan harper Says:

    really enjoyed this blog.

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