The FDA, Pfizer, and the Bible…

I recently had the privilege of leading out in a discussion on cancer with a group of 27 intellectual people. This group is called Brewed Awakenings, and they asked me to lead this discussion because of the experience I’ve had with stage-4 brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme. One of the first questions we discussed involved some of these guys:

Do these organizations have your best interest at heart? How about some of these?While some people tend to label me as “natural” or “anti-modern-medicine,” I would totally disagree. I would agree that I support natural therapies over biochemical therapies, but I think anyone would agree with me on that. If you could drink more water or get more sleep and that actually cured your headache, wouldn’t you choose that over Excedrin? My past history with cancer and its treatment through modern medicine has led me to question certain treatments and the reasons they are used, but I’m all for advances in modern medicine.

My neurosurgeon is an absolute genius. He played jazz piano in college and was in a popular band that didn’t quite make it. He told me neurosurgery was his back-up plan… Combined with the right tools, he did an amazing job on me, as I only spent two nights in the hospital and had no deficits to speak of after surgery. Yeah…he never told me what tools he’d be using so I let my imagination run away…

Okay, where were we? So I see an issue with the system. Let me give you one example: My oncologist in Las Vegas, who has been my ‘primary doctor’ for the last year and a half was the first to see me after I had a seizure in January. After looking at my recent MRI, he commented on a small spot that wasn’t there on the last MRI, taken 7 months prior. He said there was a 60% chance it was cancer, but he wasn’t sure (there is no way of knowing for sure without surgery). He told me I should not consider surgery, but to start on chemotherapy again and look into the Gamma Knife, which, according to him, has no side effects. Gamma Knife is a treatment that involves concentrated radiation beams directed at my brain tumor sight.

First off, I already did chemotherapy and radiation the first time and it came back, so why would doing it a second time make much difference? Secondly, any radiation directed at the brain will always have a side effect: the radiologist I saw the next week told me so. Thirdly, and most importantly, if this oncologist had taken the time to look at my medical records (which he has), he would have seen that chemotherapy makes my platelets and WBCs hit the floor. Without normal platelets and white blood cell count, you can’t have surgery, which is exactly what I had to have done two months later, because my tumor grew so fast. You can see how much the tumor had spread by looking at the empty cavity compared to the brains with white on the top. The blue and orange brain is a clipart picture I thought looked cool.

If I had started on chemotherapy immediately like my doctor prescribed I would not have been able to have surgery for at least a few months and my tumor could have grown MUCH, MUCH larger!

Sometimes wonder if my oncologist immediately prescribed me chemo because that is how he gets paid (it cost my insurance company 4 grand and they had to pay him for prescribing it). However, I honestly think he has my best interest at heart, and he simply knows no other way to deal with this beast of a cancer (you have about a 7% of living two years after diagnosis).

I simply recognize that our system is messed up. The only real way to cure cancer is to prevent it. If you look around, it doesn’t exactly seem like we are practicing preventative medicine. It seems more like we are profiting off the treatment of disease. Check out these stats:

  • Average income for specialists, radiologists and heart surgeons, is over $300,000 per year
  • Average income for a doctor in the ACPM, a group of preventative medical doctors, is $100,000
  • According to the World Health Organization, the United States uses more than 40% of all the drugs produced in the world each year, but we are only 42nd in terms of life expectancy
  • Members who serve on an FDA board of approval for a new drug are allowed to receive up to $50,000 from the drug company being reviewed according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

As I look at the bible for guidance it seems there are about 5 health principles it recommends to combat any sort of ailment. These include: (1) eating a nutritious and balanced diet, (2) proper rest, (3) getting enough oxygen through exercise and fresh air, (4) purity of life, (5) and a firm trust in God. Ever since I recently started following these principles I’ve had more energy, been happier and less stressed, performed better physically, as well as maintained a total peace with no worry as to my outcome.

These are simply a few statistics and some of my thoughts, which doesn’t count for much…I’m mainly interested in hearing what you think about all this. Do you think those organizations have your best interest at heart? Let us all know by posting your opinion below.


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