GE Washer/Dryer for 50 Bucks & The Rock Church…

What do you think of when someone mentions church? Do you think of people like this?Or do you think of this? Ever wonder why they are wearing a robe or what all those candle lightings, chants, and little statues are for?Unfortunately, most of us probably associate not only church, but the bible, Jesus, and religion/Christianity with the pictures above. The bible never said anything about boring, stuffy, hypocritical religion. The bible talks about how EXCITING the life of a Christian should be. I get excited about all sorts of stuff: when Logan sees me do the dishes, landing a new trick snowboarding, when I hear a new song that really moves me, thinking about a heaven, and getting really good deals on stuff. One of the most exciting things that happened to me this weekend was this:Not the snowboards. Although, I did get my ghetto Travis Kennedy dollar bill snowboard for $150 new (normally $500). The exciting part is the fact that you are looking at the first washer and dryer Daniel Harper has ever owned! Not bad, eh?!? GE Profile. Washer and Dryer. What is your guess as to what I paid for them? Maybe 800 or 900 bucks? They look like they are in good condition…. Yeah, try 50 bucks. For real. I snagged the best deal of my lifetime! My new best friend Chris is moving and had to get rid of them. Too bad I missed out on the Bose speakers he had.

That excitement that God talks about us having should flow from our lives into how we worship God. Church should be an exciting place that focuses on God and people, not on tradition or ritual. It shouldn’t be about finding perfect people who don’t drink, smoke, smell bad, or ever sin to come and worship together. The Jews had this sort of thing going on back when Jesus lived. They said, “Yeah, so you need to accept Christ… but you also need to get circumcised.”

The truth is that church should be an exciting place that will accept you just as you are. It should be no different than the worship experience David experienced with the Israelites.”Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous. Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, shout for joy! Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and harp. Clap your hands, shout to God with cries of joy. How awesome is the Lord!” Psalms 33, 149, 47

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to church twice. TWICE, you say???? What kind of loser are you? Yep, that’s right! Both services were totally different styles, but both were all about worshiping God. The first service looked like this:I played piano for this service, and since our pastor is gone, we had a guest speaker. The message was very insightful, but slightly slow as I noticed people around me nodding off. The second service was Saturday night looked like this:This was ‘The Rock Church’ in Salt Lake City. Bill Young, their pastor, moved to Salt Lake in 1999, and started this church with another family. Eleven Years later they have over 1500 people attending the five services they offer each weekend! Check them out at

The good news is that there are churches all over that invite you to come and see what Jesus Christ is all about. There are plenty of churches that don’t have boring music, a dress code, or stuffy requirements. These churches are full of loving people who are interested in God, not religion. They are full of people who are interested in sharing God with you. So why not check one out? Look in a phone book, online, or ask around. Or, reply to this post, and we’ll help you find one in your area…


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  1. There is a dress code for church?

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