Skepticism. Hot or Not?

Have you ever been to this blog before? Have you ever read something that you questioned as truthful? I wouldn’t blame you if you have. Precision Points has published some fairly outlandish stuff, and if I read all of the posts from the last few weeks, I would wonder what the author was smoking at times!

Giant crocodiles?

A real dinosaur that lives with the crocodiles in a remote region of Africa? Mokule Mbembe? History Channel’s Monster Quest? Sounds wacky to me.Gas columns rising 50 trillion light years in space? I don’t think size can be measured with time…

Secular music artists with a secret mission to share their Christianity? It could ruin their profits.

Human monkeys living at the San Diego zoo? What sort of cage would you keep them in? These sorts of things are I tend to be skeptical of. I always have been that sort. When I was in 4th or 5th grade I was fairly skeptical of my mother. This included her advice. I preferred the advice of others….like Simba from the recently released (at the time) Lion King movie. Having collected a large amount of halloween candy, my mom told me not to eat it all in one night. I ignored her, and quoting Simba said, “I laugh in the face of sickness. Ha ha ha ha!” …..                                                                     Let’s just say I woke up the next morning barfing from sickness.

Paul McCartney was beamed into outer space and E.T. responded? I doubt that. This stuff is getting weirder and weirder.Blue rappers from da hood hip-hopping out with white kids from the suburbs? Unlikely at best. These people actually had the guts to walk into Wal-Mart wearing that? No way! You staged those pics with your friends and used photoshop!

You actually believe that is a real home? And there’s no way Lady Gaga lives there! Yeah, you’re right on that one. There is no evidence whatsoever that Ms. Gaga lives in that incredible house of stone. She’s ‘built her house on the sand.’ lol.

Okay, okay, I’ve had enough of this wackiness. I don’t believe half of it, and I don’t really care who dean sean is. Is that a foursquare ball in his hand? Yeah whatever…

The good news is that there is at least one other person besides myself that feels there is truth in the above photos. But I don’t blame you for being skeptical. If there was any craziness that caught your attention, do some research. Give it a shot! You can start by reading the full post somewhere in this blog. Just to go the dates in the calendar on the side and look for it. The one thing you will find in this blog and offers no questioning, is the existence of a central theme:

Being skeptical about stuff is smart, to an extent. One of the main reasons I am so passionate about sharing my cancer story is to encourage others to think for themselves. We all tend to blindly accept the advice of doctors and other authority figures without researching anything.

While I do think its important and only natural to question certain things, it is extremely important that one follows those questions up with study, instead of just ruling it out. For example, I can say chemotherapy for my cancer is stupid. However, if I did some study, and found that chemotherapy cured my type of cancer 75% of the time, I’d be stupid not to do it!

I bring up these points to issue a simple challenge to anyone reading this post. Don’t diss something until you’ve either given it a shot, or done enough legitimate study to conclude it’s not for you. For example, I thought homeopathy was a load of crap until I saw results in my own health.

You might have written off religion and Christianity as a load of crap. I don’t blame you. I often have myself. I say give it a shot. What do you have to lose? So people think of you a little differently? Maybe you live life a little differently. Last time I checked it was cool to be unique and stand out….And when its all said and done, wouldn’t it be better to know for sure you have the best shot possible for getting into Heaven? Or better to live knowing you have a possible shot at eternal death and nothingness? But hey, what do I know? Be skeptical…check it out for yourself.

Just thoughts…what are yours?


2 Responses to “Skepticism. Hot or Not?”

  1. sandwich Says:

    you sound like a fucking fag. totally over this after the washer/dryer part. thos look like $50 washers. you can get brand new nice ones for $350 dumbass. you dont even know what your talking about. i think your just the retard loser that cant get a job or a life at that.

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