Who needs pants anyways?

Have you ever seen these people before? At Wal-Mart, I mean……….Oh wait…….I see…….Okay…….so, you don’t shop at Wal-Mart….well you should….so you can hang out with some cool folks….

People of all different colors, shapes, and sizes…

People wearing, or not wearing all sorts of things (who needs pants anyways?)

Everyone who shops there is always very important and they all have their priorities in the right place…

Now, you may be too cool or too important to shop at Wal-Mart, but I’m fairly confident that no one reading this makes more money than Jewell.

And besides, you can express yourself however you like. That’s the beauty of it (or lack thereof)! God made all of us different. No two people are the same. We can wear whatever we want and live wherever we want. Some people even have the means to design their dream homes while here on earth.

It could be in a tree…

Maybe it’s blue…

Or rock solid…

Or maybe it stretches to the skies…

That is beauty of human life. It seems like God must have put some serious thought into the creation process if 7 billion people all have different DNAs and fingerprints. Seems like all that thought must have come from someone who cares about us. Someone who wants to have an active role in our lives.                            Not someone who just set things into motion and then went on vacation. He probably cracks up at some of the stuff we choose to wear. Into Wal-Mart. Around town. Anywhere. Just make sure and wear some pants.


2 Responses to “Who needs pants anyways?”

  1. Where did you get all those wal-mart pics? You must be very brave to ask them if you can take their picture. lol. good post nevertheless!

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