I went to Pandora…

Have you ever been here before? Pandora, that is. I’ve been twice. As of today, April 22, you can return to Pandora, or go for the first time. And you can even go on Blue-Ray, which probably isn’t as cool as just going to your local $1.50 theater, and strapping yourself in for the journey. That’s how I got there a few hours ago.

The first time I went to Pandora was with my buddy Jason. Our 3D portal was a casino in Las Vegas. Sunset Station or something like that. When I got back I thought it was cool, but, you know……….

The second time, I journeyed with my wife, which seemed to make a significant difference in the experience. When we got back, I looked into Neytiri’s, I mean Logan’s eyes and things were never the same.

Let me clarify “things were never the same.” I actually mean this literally. It was kinda weird to tell you the truth. Let me see if I can phrase this in a way that won’t freak you out. It might be easiest to just show you.

Lets just say we look a little different now. The weird thing was that no one else who went to Pandora with us came out looking this way! It was actually kinda romantic, to tell you the truth. But not quite as romantic as this,

but you gotta start somewhere, right? If you’ve never been to Pandora before, you can get a taste for it HERE.







Now I would be curious to hear what you thought of Pandora, because some, like famous Christian speaker Mark Driscoll, thought it was satanic. He thought the flames that consumed the Pandora tree were appropriate. Mark is the founder of the Mars Hill churches. I actually thought the opposite. While in Pandora this evening, I studied the landscapes, flora, and creativity displayed. It got me thinking about what Heaven would be like. I became fairly excited thinking as I watched. Excited to imagine a whole other world we can’t possibly imagine. A world with different dimensions and energies. A world with new and exhilarating experiences, foods, animals, and landscapes.

A world with things we’ve never felt, tasted, or even comprehended before. From what I can imagine, it definitely seems like a place I don’t want to miss out on. But then again, its different for me. I have an unfair advantage. I was told at 21 I probably wouldn’t make it to 23, so I started thinking differently. I started to truly evaluate what I believe and how I was living my life. And you know what I discovered?

I found that even if I ended up being wrong, just living my life with the goal and hope of a Pandora, was way, way better than living without one. I found that it really sucked living a death sentence (which we all live) without anything to look forward to. Fortunately, I discovered some pretty solid evidence that says we do have something to look forward to. And the great thing about the evidence is that it also contains a road map for how to get there. Its pretty easy, really…which is why I want to invite as many people as possible to come along to The pandora. Which is exactly what we all should be doing. Which is exactly what we are trying to do in Salt Lake.


2 Responses to “I went to Pandora…”

  1. Carlos Linares Says:

    Loved your comments about Avatar’s Pandora. My exact same sentiments young Daniel. To see a new world, albeit through the eyes of James Cameron, was pretty cool. I’m a big fan of this movie so I have a certain inclination to like just about every single part of this story. Preach on brother!

  2. logan harper Says:

    Awesome blog…I was very excited when I read it…oh to go to Pandora again! AHHHH

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