Ignite! salt lake & the bible…Was God a murderer?…

I apologize for the shortness of this post, but today is the last day Park City Mountain Resort will be open this season, and I am going snowboarding…all day. However, please take the time to review the following banners, and reply with which one you think is the best and which ones you think suck.

These will not serve as a main graphic for Ignite! salt lake, but simply banners that we will use in our media and marketing.

Graphic 1

Graphic 2

Graphic 3

Graphic 4

Thank-you for taking the time to tell me which ones you like and which ones you don’t like.

In a previous post, I mentioned some reasons for why I believe the bible to be accurate. I felt that these few reasons were slightly obscure, and I was challenged by some very smart individuals as to their validity. In an effort to better understand and equip myself for answering these questions, I wrote a short document with that expands upon these reasons.

Authenticity of the Bible

I also included an explanation that makes sense to me for why God seemingly murdered people in the Old Testament through the flood or through telling the Israelites to wipe out entire cities. I hope that you will find it an interesting read, and I encourage everyone to read this short, 3-page letter, to better equip yourselves for answering these sorts of questions.

As always, I am not a doctor or a theologian, just a kid who wants answers, so I desire as much feedback as possible! My e-mail address is danielgharper@yahoo.com


6 Responses to “Ignite! salt lake & the bible…Was God a murderer?…”

  1. Alex Brady Says:

    I like graphic number 2 the best because it is easier to read. I like some of the other designs, but the words are just too hard to read. Graphic number 3 would probably be my second favorite. I like the cross in graph 1, but “Ignite” is too hard to read. My least favorite would probably be graphic 4, I just don’t really like the colors.

  2. I agree. I’ll see what I can do with fixing that…

  3. Jeffrey Harper Says:

    Bro…I like the first one and second one. Salt Lake is a cold place right? 🙂 The snow is applicable, eh?

    And I noticed that there is a skull in the second graphic above letter “i” Now, you may think, no big deal and maybe its not. I guess I just always associate death, evil, etc with that skull symbol, ya know? Just a thought:)

  4. […] Ignite! salt lake & the bible…Was God a murderer?… Whats up with that stupid graphic and what is Ignite! salt lake? Is that a skull above the “I”? Is that even appropriate? I mean come on!” It reminds me of death! Speaking of which, didn’t God kill people in the bible? Whats up with that? I thought he said not to kill people in the ten commandments, right? Read the full post HERE. […]

  5. CydChristian Says:

    It seems like you should have an instrument for igniting.. say a match, torch, or something.. in your graphic. And what exactly are you proposing to ignite? Salt Lake? That sounds scary these days.. Perhaps a soul? Still scary if you don’t understand the reference. Possibly .. lighting up the darkness? Adding light to a subject matter? Just some thoughts.. The words need to be very legible from a long distance also. So there’s instantaneous recognition.

    • Totally agree. We will not be using any of those cheesy graphics shown. Check the more recent posts, and there is the new graphic. It is cursive with the flame above it…

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