Popcorn, cellphones, and church boards…

I had two experiences yesterday that were totally different, but had common themes.  Let me share the experiences before the theme. I spent the majority of my time creating a provoking PP that did exactly that. Pastor Bernie and I presented our idea of Ignite! salt lake to the church board to get their approval.

I tried to present our ideas in a way that would expose all our ideas and intentions so when we  have our first service on May 22, the music, media, and lighting won’t shock anyone. My presentation probably was a little too cutting-edge, and I think it struck a little too much discord in the hearts of the well-meaning  board members.

Church Board Presentation (In Powerpoint 2007)

Simply put, some of them have yet to understand our generation. For many of us, the traditional hymns or longer sermon don’t always do it. While there is  way more to worship than an emotional high, this is a big part of it. Most of their fears and concerns revolved mainly around Ignite! salt lake only being a rock concert without any content. As if we hadn’t thought of that already! It will be nothing of the sort, although our music will include upbeat praise choruses to God (like the Psalms tell us to do).

It was approved, so I can’t complain about anything. The meeting was definitely a growing experience for me, but one I was prepared for – in sales you are rejected at least 90% of the time, so the few individuals who expressed resistance fell far short of the 90% I’m used to dealing with. God is good!

Second story: Logan got an e-mail about people who take popcorn kernels, place cellphones around them, and simultaneously call all the phones. Amazingly enough, the kernels popped! Its nuts and I can’t wait to try it, but I don’t have 4 cellphones, just 2 (Logan and myself). Check the following video out:

Popcorn and Cellphones

Wild, huh? So talking on your cellphone all the time is kinda like putting your head in a microwave! Actually, this video is totally fake. But hey, it was worth watching, right? Here’s a story that is NOT fake in any way:

Before I ever knew I had a brain tumor (or cancer, for that matter), my wife’s grandmother called her out of the blue to say she had a dream the night before, where God told her I had a brain tumor and I shouldn’t use my cellphone as much. Logan wrote it off as nonsense. Everyone knew I was having these weird “mental breakdowns” that I found out later were seizures. Crazy, scary, scary stuff. We didn’t know I had a tumor yet. I went two days later to get a CT scan, but not because Logan (now, my wife) said anything to me about the dream.

I’ll be sharing some more miracles like this and how it changed my life at the first Ignite! salt lake worship service on May 22. Hopefully you can come and hear about it, and how you can prevent cancer from happening to you or people you love. Right now, 1 in 3 Americans have cancer.

These two stories relate to each other in that both of them go against the grain for what is popular and accepted in our society today. Let me explain. Many SDA Christians would consider stuff in the PP slide above inappropriate, in church or anywhere. Drums, graphics, synthesizers, lights, and anyone wearing a t-shirt or short skirt are usually not accepted in our churches. Ignite! salt lake is trying to change this. We want anyone and everyone to come check us out and see what we are all about. Hopefully, we’ll come across as some cool folks who you would like to hang out with.

The popcorn and cellphone story goes against the grain because many people don’t believe their cellphones do any damage whatsoever to them, and the cellphone companies would most def like you to believe this as well. Logan’s grandmother’s dream would go against the grain and challenge that view. So would a number of doctors I’ve listened to on TV.  Think of it like this – a cell tower sends a radio signal to your phone, and the signal gets into your head. Go out, buy a headset with a short chord (the long chords just get tangled all the time) and use speakerphone.

Check out this pic from NuCellCanada.ca

Wild, huh? I’ve also heard that younger people are more susceptible to the radiation because our skulls are thinner (still growing). My theory is that my brain cancer was caused by chemicals I was introduced to at this greenhouse I worked at for three years while in college.

I think the cellphone came into play by possibly allowing the radiation to damage my body’s programmed cell death, and/or my immune system. This sounds crazy, I know, so go read my cancer research paper and decide for yourself. You can find it on a previous blog in the Creative Materials section of this sight. Just scroll down or click on the link.

As we all live positive, healthy lives we can expect to experience resistance. Anytime we aren’t embracing the world’s madness we are going against the grain. The madness seems to currently be focused on self, but manifested specifically through violence, revenge, wealth generation above all else, sex outside of marriage, and Lady Gaga – hah! just kidding. Check out her telephone video for a great example. And then check out the telephone parody on youtube. Hilarious stuff, but super weird –  not my cup ‘o tea. No offense if it is yours. I’m down with the Gaga, just not that video with Beyonce.


3 Responses to “Popcorn, cellphones, and church boards…”

  1. Hey Daniel, I hate to burst your popcorn kernal, but that youtube vid was just a marketing ploy for a Bluetooth company. These videos started suspiciously showing up all over there world in different languages at the same time. See how here:

    I don’t doubt that cell phones have an impact on us and our brains, I just wanted to make sure you’re proof is factual. I showed it to Aaron and he was like, No way! and then found all this counter-evidence. I think Lady Gaga was exposed to something toxic growin up.

  2. Okay, so turns out you are right! Oh well, I’ll just leave the videos up and let people believe it if they want

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