Owl City Ignites! salt lake…

Last night, Logan and I had the privilege of attending on Owl City and Lights concert. We missed Paper Route, because Google Maps finally screwed up! It took us to this frontage road out in the middle of nowhere, like 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. Because I think its cool to live behind the times  in the 1990s, I don’t have internet on my phone or laptop when I’m out in random fields close to giant salt lakes.

Fortunately, I can go old-school because I have resources, baby! I do have a cellphone (thank goodness), so I whipped it out and called my brother, Jonathan, who effectively saved my life by accessing yahoo! maps in his dorm room. Or so I thought. We drove two miles back, just to get on the interstate and follow the frontage road for another five miles. Google Maps had it right all along. We ended up at this castle thing called the Great Saltair, and boy was it great! We walked inside, out of the rain, and were greated by about five thousand people! Standing only.

Lights rocked the show, Logan and I were deeply moved and impressed by this beautiful, young 23 year-old sensation, who has changed her name to Light. I doubt it has anything to do with the impossible coincidence that she now is legally named Lights, which also happens to be the name she originally chose to call her musical project. I guess “Valerie” didn’t cut it. Hey, I’d do the same thing, wouldn’t you? She rocked our socks off, as did mr. Adam Young himself. I found this video on his site before hitting up the show. It appears Adam isn’t so secular after all. Check this out (the video also features Shaquille O’neal):

Vanilla Twilight (from his official site)                                              or                                                   Vanilla Twilight (from youtube)

Adam Young got his start making music in his parents basement sometime in 06-07. He had plenty of time to write and create these incredibly rad tunes, due to his insomnia, which was possibly caused by his hard work at a Coke warehouse.  He started uploading music to his whyspace profile, and it quickly caught on. Folks started digging his stuff, and it began to spread virally. In 2007, he released his first EP, Of June, which hit #20 on the Billboard Electronic Albums chart, and his second release in 2008, Maybe I’m Dreaming, hit #16 on the same chart. Owl City signed with Universal Records in 2009, and his third release, Ocean Eyes, was released in June of that year. It went gold seven months later! The song, “Fireflies” has sold more copies on iTunes than any other song ever sold (according to Wikipedia)!  He has collaborated with Matt Thiessen, of Relient K, on multiple songs, and they mentioned they might start a duo project, called Goodbye Dubai, at some point in the future.

I share the success of Owl City, in part because I found the following on yahoo!: “In the song “Tidal Wave” on the album, Ocean Eyes – “I was given grace and love, I was blind but now I can see, cause I found a new hope from above, and courage swept over me.” This is a quote from  Amazing Grace. Outside of his music Adam Young said “I follow Jesus Christ Wholeheartedly. He is my life, my strength, my all.” Check it out on http://www.myspace.com/owlcity!

(If you visit Owl City’s website and look at the gallery pictures he has of himself, you won’t find a single clear picture that includes his face. I think he’s a really humble guy, and is trying to follow Christ’s example)

I really feel that God blesses those who are faithful to him. While Adam Young and his project may not be your typical Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, or David Crowder Band, he has reached a broader demographic, and obtained a larger following in well less than one fourth of the time any of the previous three groups have. The Newsboys have been around since 1987 (year Logan was born), and they only draw around 10 to 20,000 people at their shows. If Owl City drew around 5,000 people last night, at a funky castle-looking, old building twenty minutes outside of a smaller city (when compared to  Atlanta or New York), think how big he’ll be when he’s been playing for 23 years like the newsboys have! He’ll have Elvis status for sure!

Imagine if Adam Young were to wait until he is drawing crowds of 20,000 or 30,000, and only then, starts subtly sharing Christ (like he is already doing) alongside his positive music. He could share his testimony in a tasteful way, so as to not offend anyone or lose too many of his fans, and have an impact no Christian or Seventh-day Adventist minister could ever hope to obtain without supernatural help! While Owl City might lose a few hundred fans because of this, that’s a drop in the bucket!

Many Christians would judge Owl City, and say “You should have used your skills in the Christian music industry!” or “You shouldn’t have your anthropologie-styled cellist and violinist dance in between musical sets!”, I think they are wrong. While they are right in saying he should use his obvious talent for Christ, there is WAY more growth potential in the secular music industry than in the Christian music industry. Just look at Switchfoot. Check out this video from the show last night:

Owl City at the Great Saltair – Opening song

Just as Lights and Owl City Ignited! the Great Saltair last night in Magna, UT please continue to keep us Utahns in your prayers as we attempt to Ignite! salt lake city with a passionate message of Christ’s love!

I’ll be posting my powerpoint presentation regarding ‘Ignite! salt lake’ tomorrow. This PP is what I’ll be using to present our ideas to our church board tonight.


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