Ministry Updates…

Hello all!

As the post-modern ministry of the Wasatch Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church expands, we are doing our best to document the craziness of explosive growth that we are about to experience. We’ll do this through this blog, as well as  through a mailing list that anyone can subscribe to. In the Ministry Updates mailing list, I’ll be documenting our happenings and try to show the way God works through it all. As the Ignite! salt lake team works to bring more people to Christ, it could be beneficial for those of you with an interest to witness our growth and then possibly implement the same thing at your church.

Even last week I rode a roller coaster seeing how God made connections I never thought possible. He somehow tied my unplanned cancer research paper, Brewed Awakenings (a christian discussion group that chats over coffee at the Linares’ home), and Ignite! salt lake. God tied these events together in helping us make new friendships and invite people to come see what our new worship service will be all about.

I’m listening to the Newsboys on Pandora through my 4 inch high and about 2 inch thick recording headphones, feeling slightly stoopid, and listening to “In Wonder.” I think this song aptly sums up what I’ve been experiencing and trying to share with the rest of you guys. I’m in a constant state of wonder at the things Christ does with those connected to Him.

Anyways, for what its worth, if you want to witness firsthand God’s workings in Ignite! salt lake, please e-mail me your  at, or you can leave it in a reply on the site, and one of our team members will add you to the list.  I think Jesus calls us all to be interconnected with each other. Please pray for all of us in Salt Lake; we desperately need it as we strive to be interconnected with Christ.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you, with His face shining on you, giving you peace!”


2 Responses to “Ministry Updates…”

  1. Joe Stephens Says:

    Hey man, my e-mail address is, can you add me to the mailing list? Our church could use some growth.

  2. […] Ministry Updates… What do the numbers 24, 6, 3, and 26 have in common with each other? What is Ignite! salt lake? How are the Newsboys, Slightly Stoopid, and Pandora connected to each other? Why did I post my personal e-mail address online, exposed to nano-robots that crawl through the swamp-like recesses of the internet, harvesting your personal information for greedy  corporations that would like nothing more than to sell you stock from their nanotechnology division! Oh my! Decide for yourself what’s wrong with me HERE. […]

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