From the Inside Out…

From the Inside Out

–> Have you ever heard this song from Hillsong United? We did it at our church last time I led out and it gave me chills.  Its a very passionate song, and when done the same way as Hillsong, it lasts like six minutes! Starting soft, building, building, then bursting. Sing an octave higher. Guitar solo. Fade out. Soft. Building.  Sing up an octave. Slow down. Soft three-peat line. Ffeelings fade. Sit down. Think. Feel. Chills.

Here are some lyrics I want to analyze closely.

“Your will above all else, my purpose remains, the art of losing myself, in bringing You praise. Everlasting. Your light will shine when all else fades!”

I think there might be some key words found in this line from Hillsong.  God’s will above anything else – obvious. My purpose as it relates to God’s will – another given. The art of losing myself – wow! I think so many Adventist Christians (including myself) don’t know how to do this in worship. We are good at the opposite – the art of not losing ourselves. When someone raises their hand, allows their body to sway, or even closes their eyes while pouring out their voice before God, even I have the tendency to notice and possibly stare. I’m not totally at the point I’d like to be yet with the art of losing myself, but I’m getting there and experiencing intimacy with my Creator in my own special way.

Logan and I were in California a few days back, and we attended ReLive. The praise band was led by a young couple around our age, and as I participated in mouthing the words (couldn’t sing cuz I was hoarse from brain surgery a week before) I was deeply moved. I could still tap my feet, nod my head, and a few people looked at me funny (Logan mainly, ha!). I even found myself closing my eyes, as tears welled up and chills moved through my arms as the musicians played skillfully and poured their hearts out to God.

The guitar solos, progression of each song, and obvious spiritual connection everyone on stage was experiencing were key factors for me personally to experience this connection with Christ. The drummer sang out the lyrics into his invisible microphone, the girl playing bass raised her head while singing, and the couple leading out had both hands raised to their God in passionate worship!

Lyric analysis number two: Everlasting, your light will shine when all else fades.

Mathew 5:14 says, “You are to be the light of the world.”

In the Ministry of Healing, a book written by a very smart lady who lived at the beginning of this recent century.  Fewer and fewer of us were even born in this century. You were born in the eighties? Man, what a loser! I’m reminded of this when I see kids like Tyler Flanagan, 16, take 1st place in slopestyle at the Dew Tour. Today I rode a chairlift with this kid, Skyler, who is 10, and frustated. He went to Nationals and only has five-forties. Come on man! Where’s the seven?

Anyways, the old lady’s name is Ellen White, and she was a key player in getting the SDA church started. In her book Ministry of Healing (which is a great read) she says, “As members of a true family care for another, ministering to the sick, supporting the weak, teaching the ignorant, training the inexperienced, so are we to care for the needy and helpless.”

I think God is calling us to be light of the world. In a culture that is increasingly promoting self (self-improvement, self-control, self-gain through wealth, revenge, whatever…), God is calling us to lose ourselves. It’s an art that takes mastering (I by no means have mastered).  Hillsong had this figured out in a crazy way when they wrote those lyrics. Check out the attached song if you haven’t already.

Maybe listen to it when watching the sun come up/go down, or sitting on your couch with your eyes closed… or try reading Psalms while the song is playing. I listened to the song while frolicking with Bambi in an enchanted Utah forest protected by vegetarian vampires (who happened to be shooting their 4th movie-look for my cameo!). You choose. Just listen to it. Tell others what your experience was like.

Here’s the link again:

From the Inside Out


3 Responses to “From the Inside Out…”

  1. Hey Daniel,
    I finally scrolled through and read all your blogs, so thanks for posting on fb! I didn’t realize you were working with Wasatch Hills in SLC-my aunt and cousins live up there and I think Pastor Bernie’s been really good for that area so far. I am gonna stick your blog into my googlereader so i can keep following you guys! thanks for sharing!

    • Rika,

      Thanks a ton, keep us in your prayers! How is Thailand and your ministry there going? Good I assume? If you want to be added to our ministry updates mailing list, feel free to shoot me your e-mail at! Tell me whats new when you e-mail me as well! I look at your cool pics all the time!

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