Daniel’s Research Paper & clinical evidence paper!

Imagine taking the picture above (which is a collage of some of my friends on facebook) and cutting out 1/3 of the pic, then slapping the word CANCER in big red letters over their pictures. This scary scenario is unfortunately not a scenario. One in three Americans will have cancer in their lives according to the ACS. Most of my friends on facebook are younger and in good health, so while they might not have cancer, there are plenty of people to make up for them.

I have spent hours upon hours working nonstop to finish compiling a research paper on cancer, its treatment, and the role government and drug companies play in all this. I’ve also described in detail the alternative treatment plan I feel led to. I initially started this paper with the goal of writing a simple explanation of my treatment plan, to give to my mom and sister so they would quit bugging me to do chemo or avastin.

My goal in releasing this paper is in NO way whatsoever to say that doctors are corrupt and involved in a big conspiracy. I simply recognize the flaws in our current medical system, as do many of you. I’ve had the privilege of knowing some of the finest doctors out there, and because of them, I’m alive today. These include my neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Seiff, Dr. Ali Choucair, a neuro-oncologist, and my three uncles who are all doctors, Steve, Tom, and Steve. These men all hold incredible knowledge about medicine and its treatment. They are at the top of their fields and hold great respect and authority in the medical community.

My goal in writing the paper is to create a fluid document that is constantly evolving as it is confronted with error and exposed to new truths, so please provide your feedback after reading it. There seems to be a general lack of information surrounding what people know about what cancer actually is and how to treat it. The goal of our medical system should be to promote preventative care not just treat stuff after it comes up, which seems to be the current goal. I’m not a physician, so take the paper with a grain of salt, but definitely read it and then start doing your own research.

Cancer Research Paper and then read clinical evidence of my alternative treatment plan ——-> Clinical Evidence

Here are some pics showing signs of my detox and its effect on my skin, gross I know…


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Clinical Evidence and Daniel’s Treatment Plan


5 Responses to “Daniel’s Research Paper & clinical evidence paper!”

  1. Well done brotha

  2. Daniel, I’m planning on reading your paper over the weekend. Thank you for sharing your experience. Our prayers are with you as you go though recovery phase. You’re already doing great. God bless!

  3. Interesting reading. It does seem like poisoning yourself with chemo or radiation would be counter-productive. That said, I did not find your opinion of using a natural approach to be well documented in the sense of it being tested and found successful in a clinical study. Maybe no such study has been conducted. In the end, being healthy will definitely help. I will continue to pray as well. Lastly, I’m sure you already are, but make sure your cottage cheese is organic. No reason to be ingesting all the drugs they give to the cows when you’re trying to detox.

  4. Jeff Andersen Says:

    Hi Daniel

    Congratulations on your success in beating GBM, not once but twice. That’s an incredible feat. Just finished reading your paper, thanks for creating it. There’s a lot of good information in there. I’ve always known about the shady and unethical drug companies, but your paper sheds light on some of the details. My friend has stage IV Squamous Cell of the throat and is fighting. He’s using hyperimmune egg whole food supplement during Rad treatment and doing very well with it. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s what believe is the best immunotherapy to date. A remarkable supplement. Recommend these sites: eggaday.com- look at ‘SCIES’ glenwinkel.com- ‘articles’

    keep on keeping on, and doing what you’re doing

    wish you many, many C-free years to come


    Lisle, IL

  5. My mother has done a dendritic cell vaccine in conjunction with homeopathy (Dr. Paramesh Banerji) and papaya leaf tea. She also did a course of radiation and temodar, which i tried to have her avoid, because they have caused her to have side effects requiring decadron, which we are trying to wean her off of. i believe the natural remedies and the vaccine using her own tumor tissue and her own white blood cells are what has made the difference. Her tumor is gone and the blood vessels which were supporting the tumor growth are substantially dead. her tumor was already starting to decrease in size before she started the chemo and radiation, so i do not believe they were as responsible for the success she has had, and may have caused her to have irreversible side effects. We are using OSR to try to detox her from the radiation, ionizing foot baths, ozone therapy, and will start some accupuncture next week. We are also supporting her system with non vitamin supplements and super glisodin.

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